About Parks in San Diego

We believe parks are cool – they can be anything you want them to be! A place to rest and relax, or a place to run around and get out lots of energy. 

We believe kids don’t need anything fancy – a sandbox with a bucket and shovel or even just a few sticks. A child’s imagination is an incredible thing. 

We believe accessible parks are important for society – Children should have access to parks and parks should be accessible to children with special needs. 

We believe you should GET OUTSIDE – being outside can make a lot of things feel better. Go for a walk, lay on the grass, play in the sand, read a book… just remember the sunscreen 🙂

We believe picnicking is necessary –  a meal or snack is just better when it’s enjoyed outside. I look forward to sharing picnic products and recipes!  

We believe play is good for everyone – young and old can benefit from play, and parks can offer play for everyone. 

About Jeannie

I’ve always loved a good park! My dad would take my brother and me to parks when we were kids. We’d fly kites and play, and, on special Saturdays, he’d pack a picnic breakfast and take us to the “breakfast park” for cinnamon rolls.

Since I’ve become a mom, I appreciate parks so much more. Now, I’m enjoying exploring parks with my five year old daughter and blogging about them!

About Our Database

I started Parks In San Diego to make it easier for San Diegans to find parks with features they want or need. I wanted people to be able to go to one place to find a park near them with baby swings or a park with accessible features or even just a basketball court. 

I spent several weeks compiling and researching parks to create a database you can search by location, category or feature – and I continue to research! Because parks and rules are often changing, it’s important not to rely solely on the information provided here. I do my best to provide up to date information, but things often change!

As we visit more parks and this web page continues to grow, our database will get better! If there’s any information missing for a park, please feel free to let me know. You can send me an email with the park name to parksinsandiego@gmail.com. Thank you for helping to make Parks in San Diego better!

Get Ready for Fun!

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