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Sensory Parks have a few features that are good for children with autism. These features include: rubber ground, areas of refuge, restrooms and more. 

Parks that are good for events include parks with gazebos/pavilions, restrooms, a playground and parking lot. 

Accessible play is important! Parks in this category have adaptable or accessible play equipment and the park is ADA-friendly. This means there are ramps and picnic tables accessible by wheelchair (not all parks are ADA-friendly!)

If you have a toddler, you’re probably looking for a park that has appropriate play equipment and is generally safe (not near a busy road, for example). Changing tables in the restrooms are also nice!

These parks are the little gems you may not have heard about… they’re the parks that stood out in my research as having something special. 

If you’re looking for a park in the summer to cool off, head to one of these parks with a splash pad!

Park design has changed a lot since I frequented parks as a kid! The modern, urban parks I found in San Diego have amazing art installations and incredible landscaping. These are some cool parks! 

There are a few parks in San Diego that are beautiful settings for weddings!

While researching all the parks in San Diego, I’d often come across parks with a fun theme. You can find those parks here. 

Every now and then, I’d come across a park that was so sad, I’d have to classify it as one of the worst parks in San Diego.

These parks are all about sports! They are great parks for soccer or baseball players. 

Parks can be great for family photos! These parks offer filtered lighting and interesting backdrops to family photos. 

If you want a view of the ocean while you play, check out these parks! They’re all close to the beach, providing both a day at the park and a day at the beach!

These parks are perfect if you or your child(ren) want to get a little dirty while exploring the outdoors. They are usually scenic and could also be great for a hike or picnic!

Some parks are just so fun, they have to be #instafamous – check out these parks for some fun and quirky pics!

If you’re planning a birthday party at a park, check out this category. It includes parks with pavilions/gazebos, bathrooms, ample parking, and play equipment. 

To find a great park in your area, check out these parks and then select your location. You can expand the general areas to really get close too!

These parks have some cool music features for your budding musician!

For super hot, sunny days, finding a park with shaded play equipment is a MUST! Here’s a list of all I could find – you can find one close to you by selecting your location. 

These are the best parks San Diego has to offer!