DADventures by Parks in San Diego

a pictures of a father with his daughter on his shoulders outside with words "Dadventures by Parks in San Diego"

Whenever I talk with people about my blog, it’s the DADS who get most excited. They almost always have a favorite park, and they love to share things they do with their kid(s) around parks. They usually will bring something or do something to turn a trip to the park into something really fun. I like to call these DADventures because it’s a dad-planned adventure! 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Cottonwood Creek + Coaster

A dad of three boys shared this DADventure with me and I love it! He would head to Old Town with his boys, and then take the Coaster up to Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas. They’d play for hours and then take the Coaster back (maybe get some ice cream before heading back). The Coaster is a train that goes up the coast and his kids loved it!

Amazing Playground + Mission Beach

I love when there is a super cool park near lots of other super cool places! Maruta Gardner Playground at Bonita Cove Park in Mission Bay is AMAZING, and you can find the bay, the beach, and Belmont Park all within walking distance!

Playground + Beach

Whether you visit Kellogg Park (La Jolla Shores), Powerhouse Park in Del Mar, or Dunes Park in IB, a playground near the ocean is just a fun time. When you get tired of the beach, go to the park! When you’re tired of the park, go to the beach!

Disc Golf + Playground

There are two disc golf courses near awesome playgrounds: Kit Carson in Escondido and Mast Park in Santee. Brengle Terrace in Vista is also pretty cool. Disc Golf is an inexpensive, fun hobby that my husband happens to enjoy! 

Local Park + Cinnamon Rolls

My dad used to love to make cinnamon rolls in the morning, pack them up with orange juice (for us) and coffee (for him) and take us to a local park. You don’t have to make cinnamon rolls, of course… Donuts, coffeeshop pastries or any other snack is great. Find your perfect park using my database!

Civita Park + Picnic

Civita Park is centrally located in Mission Valley, and there is a Ralphs (Friars Road) and many places for take-out nearby. Grab some grub and head over to one of my favorite parks in San Diego!

Waterfront Park + Swimsuits!

Waterfront Park still blows my mind sometimes – it’s basically a FREE waterpark. Grab swimsuits and towels (see this list for other things to take too!) and head over for some fun! They even have a little snack shop so you don’t have to pack food. 

Get Ready for Fun!

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