Search by Sports/Fitness Features

Large grassy area: just a big grassy area, suitable for group yoga or just tossing a ball

Fitness Equipment: installed fitness equipment for adults

Walking-hiking trail​: if you wanted to go for a walk, you can do that here

Ride a Bike: A good park to ride a bike (not necessarily a track)

Stairs – a set of stairs good for a variety of free exercise 

Have you ever wanted to find the parks near you with basketball courts? Or wanted to know which parks have stairs or fitness equipment? Or even if there is a parkour training facility in a park? This information is surprisingly difficult to find! But, I’ve spent hours and hours researching parks in San Diego to create this database so that now you can! Simply click on the feature above and you’ll be connected to our parks database. From there, you can refine your search further by selecting a location or other features you’d like. 

As a general rule, I didn’t categorize a park has having a feature unless I was sure… this means that there could be more parks with stairs, but I didn’t mark them as such because I haven’t yet visited them myself. 

Of course, parks in San Diego are always changing so please don’t rely solely on the information here. Also, feel free to let me know if something has changed so I can update the park in our database!